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Megaton Dias Seminar 2017

On Saturday 28th January, we had the pleasure to host another seminar with Professor Wellington Megaton Dias 5th degree Black Belt under the legendary Royler Gracie. This was the 3rd time that we had Megaton doing a seminar at our club. Professor Megaton was coming from Lisbon were he successfully competed at the European Open. He is the only Master Black Belt who has completed in every world championship, with the first one being held in 1996. 

During the seminar, Megaton covered some of his trademark techniques, including takedowns and chokes. Those present were being supervised by Professor Megaton, along with Black Belt Francois Deniau, who is one of Megaton's student members, together with local Black Belt & BJJ Team Malta's Instructor Keith Darmanin. 

IBJJF Rome & European No-Gi Open

Between the 31st March & 2nd April 2017, another edition of the IBJJF Rome & Europeans No-Gi Open was held in Rome, Italy. This time, this annual event was organised at the PalaPellicone in Ostia and not in the crowded city centre of the eternal city. This yeat, our team was represented by Matthew Camilleri (Blue), Jozua Curmi and Joseph Abela (Purple) and our Instructor Keith Darmanin (Black). In the Gi competition, Matthew Camilleri managed to win his first match but was stopped in his second round. Unfortunately, both Jozua Curmi and Joseph Abela didn't make it through their first match. Meanwhile, Keith Darmanin managed to win his semi-final match but lost his final. 

In the No-Gi competition, Matthew Camilleri was stopped by one of the finalists of the category. Joseph Abela, had a tough match which he was also winning on points but he ended up making a small mistake which cost him the match. Keith Darmanin managed to pass both his quarter and semi final rounds and the final of the No-Gi was a repetition of the Gi final the day before, thus another Silver medal for Keith Darmanin. 

During the weekend, Inst Keith Darmanin also attended the IBJJF Rules course. Since the game is always evolving and the rules are changing from time to time, it's very important for instructors to know the rules to be able to prepare better their students who are interested in competitive Jiu-Jitsu.