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Wellington 'Megaton' - Seminar Jan '16

For the second time we hosted another seminar with Wellington 'Megaton' Diaz, one of the biggest names of past and present Jiu-Jitsu. It was in 2013 when we hosted our first seminar with the Gracie Humaita Black Belt. 

The weekend before, Megaton had just won another title at the European Open in Lisbon and during this seminar he covered those techniques which he utilised to finish his opponents. Megaton explained the importance of timing, when to do certain moves and when to stabilise and 'bait' your opponent. For this seminar a good number of local members showed up along with some foreign guys. 

IBJJF Rome Open/Europeans No-Gi 2016

Matthew Camilleri, Stephan Swain and Keith Darmanin competed in this year's edition of the IBJJF Rome Open/Europeans No-Gi held in Italy between the 1-3 April 2016. Matthew Camilleri, despite still being a White Belt, tested his skill in the Adult Blue Belt categories. In the Gi he had a tight match that ended 0-0 and the referee awarded the match to his opponent. In the No-Gi he managed to win his first two matches in a convincing way but was stopped in his 3rd round. Stephan Swain, who competed in the Master 2 Blue Belt, had a good start in the Gi competition but ended up losing due to a mistake he committed during a re-start. In the No-Gi he faced some really tough competition, with one of his opponents being a Judo black belt from Moldova. Unfortunately, all his efforts were not enough to proceed to the finals.
In the Gi competition, Inst Keith Darmanin, who competed in the Master 2 Black Belt, had to face the current European Champion. The match ended up 2-2 on points and the referee decided to award the match to his opponent. In the No-Gi, he had to face the same opponent again (in a heavier weight class) and, once again the match ended up 2-2 on points, with the same referee, once again awarding the match to the other opponent. In his final chance to pass to the final, he had to compete against the heavier guy in the category. Once again the match ended 2-2 on points and for the third time, the same referee decided to award the victory to the other competitor, who then went on to win his final match by armbar.

Gracie Barra Head Coach Eduardo Carriello's Seminar

On Saturday 23rd April, we had the pleasure to organise a seminar with Professor Eduardo Cariello - Head Coach at Gracie Barra London Bridge, UK. The 3 hour long seminar, kicked off with Professor Eduardo showing a short warm up routine that works all the major muscles and includes movements which are very important to master. Then he went on to show a chain of techniques, always emphasising the importance of posture, grips and head placement both whilst standing and on the ground. He also showed some good escapes and guard recovery drills along with some wrist locks and more advanced techniques. A great experience for all those present.

Meeting & Belt Promotions - September '16

An important meeting was organised for all our members on the last Sunday of September 2016. A good number of members showed up for this meeting which was held at the new tent of the Malta Judo Federation & AD and was conducted by BJJ Team Malta H/Instructor Keith Darmanin. 

The main topic for this meeting was movement and the session started with various drills that were aimed to regain the guard. After, it was time for some standing passing movements like removing the hooks, smashing the hooks, etc. 

At the end of the session, various members were awarded another stripe on their respective belt. Then it was time for the new belt promotions: Dr K Gonzi and M Camilleri were awarded their Blue Belt, J Vella was awarded his Purple Belt and Dr M Bonnici Mallia was awarded her Brown Belt, thus becoming the first Maltese woman promoted to Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (and the second Maltese Brown Belt after Keith Darmanin).

IBJJF London Fall Open

During October 2016 three members competed in the London Fall Open organised by the IBJJF. Matthew Camilleri took part in both the Gi & No-Gi competitions, whilst Stephan Swain & Neville Thomas competed only in the Gi event. Matthew Camilleri had an excellent performance on Saturday in the Gi, competing in the Adult Blue Belt category, packed with 24 participants. He managed to win his first three matches, first one by choke and then by points to reach the final. Dring his last match he wasn't able to secure the win and ended up winning Silver. In the Gi event Neville Thomas, who competed in the Master Purple Belt, managed to win two matches to secure the Gold medal and then he competed in the Absolute category, where he managed to win another two matches but ended up being defeated in the final match against a much heavier opponent.

Seminar with Rogerio Olegario

In December we organised another successful seminar with Mestre Rogerio Olegario, 5th Degree Black Belt. On Saturday 10th, we started with a No-Gi session followed by a Gi session during which Rogerio showed some of his favourite chain submission attacks. The next day, another Gi session took place and Rogerio focused on sweeps from mainly Open Guard, Half Guard and De La Riva. Then it was time for some stripe promotions, followed by one Blue Belt promotion of Zack Galea.